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BioDevices Technologies

Microfluidic and microelectronic solutions. Lab-on-Chip devices.
Biological and biomedical applications.

About us

BioDevices Technologies is a spin-off created by the microsystems group of the University of Seville. The main research works of the microsystems group have been focused on microfluidic, microelectronics and the integration of multiple disciplines to create complex platforms with biological and biomedical applications.
Thanks to the development of different patents and the huge experience of these researchers, BioDevices Technologies is created to commercialize Lab-on-Chip devices and offer microfluidic and microelectronic solutions for medical, biological, enviromental, and life sciences applications.


To provide the most innovative technology in the field of Lab-on-Chips for diagnostics satisfying customer needs through quality products and services.


To be a leading company in the biochemical, biological and biomedical sectors, designing and developing customized Lab-on-Chips for diagnostics, with consolidated technology thanks to a powerful R&D core.


Pursuit of excellence

Commitment to the company and product quality

Responsibility and transparency

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with more than 10 years of experience in the field of microfluidics and microelectronics.

José Manuel Quero Reboul

Co-Founder & President

PhD in Industrial Engineering and Professor at the University of Seville. Project reviewer for the European Commission in the field of Microsystems and Co-Founder of Ingeniatrix and Solarmems.

Francisco Perdigones Sánchez

Co-Founder & CTO

PhD in Industrial Engineering and Senior Lecturer at the University of Seville. Developer of most of the company’s technologies and patents.

Álvaro Morales Yñiguez


Graduate in Business Administration and Management with a Master’s Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Engineering. Entrepreneur of innovation companies in different sectors.

Andrea Esteban Pérez

Industrial Engineer

Industrial Technology Engineer (specializing in Industrial Organization) with a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering.

Jesús David Urbano Gámez


Graduate in Basic and Experimental Biomedicine with a Master’s Degree in Physiology and Neuroscience.

BioDevices LoC and BioDevices Reader

Our first product to come on the market is a highly accurate and time-efficient COVID-19 test which allows the detection of SARS-CoV-2.
Allows users to test for a COVID-19 infection anywhere and anytime, providing results in a very short time. It is only necessary to take a nasopharyngeal swab and follow the step-by-step instructions on the Reader’s screen, so anyone can use the device, without any medical training.


Our Technology

We are technology developers, providing solutions to the needs of our clients. We develop Lab-on-Chips that perform all lab activities on a credit card-sized chip.


Diagnostic tests, more accessible, at any Health Centre and in any geographical area where laboratories are not available.
Results in a short time and without the need for specialized personnel.


Thanks to microfluidics and miniaturization of the bio protocol, the volume of samples and expensive reagents is significantly reduced, providing LOCs at reduced prices.


The LOC is smaller than the palm of your hand, so the LOC with the Reader can easily be carried in any briefcase.


Lab-on-Chips can be designed according to consumer needs and can detect not only COVID-19, but multiple diseases.
All the LOCs to be designed are compatible with the Reader and could therefore be used for multiple diagnostics.

Our Services

We can help you meet your needs.


We work in close collaboration with the customer to identify the application needs and translate them into specifications of the Lab-on-Chip.


From your idea our team generates 2D and 3D renders of the new design and produce the first proves of concept with different materials before prototyping the full device.


We manufacture high resolution prototypes in a very short time. We continuously look for design improvement points to offer you the best quality.


We can perform microfluidic tests and biological validations in our facilities. 

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